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[EN] Update 0.1

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Good day, dear players, what is happening with the site is already angry and very me, the fact is that the site is hosted by DgradHost and was connected to anti-DDoS protection CloudFlare, after the next day after grand open there was a DDoS attack, the site could not withstand those support said to remove cloudflare and return to their hosting so that they would include protection, which was done, after they said they need a day to activate the site, 2 days have already passed, those support responded once a day, the mobile phone number does not raise anyone, all that it depended on me I did 2 days ago, I wrote them today the last ticket, if the issue is not resolved, we will change the hosting. Bonuses for events will be issued today, thank you all for your support and for your understanding, I do everything in my power. Below is not a big Change Log change that was from the opening to Today:

Fixed DL Critical DMG (Critical dmg was less than the usual attack)

Fixed Berserk Sum (increased% to 100 per full stat)

PK DownTime x3 (increased time to remove status on monsters X3 times)

Add Heart to drop (added to drop in all locations)

Add BK PVM + 20% (added dmg on monsters)

Fixed GR from 50rr (fixed to NPC GrandReset)

Fixed reward 1-5 place DS (Increased the award x10)

Master Exp Enable BC 8 (available ML in the last Blood Castle)

Once again, we apologize for the unstable work of the site, everything that depended on me I did right away, we are waiting for a response from those support.

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