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[EN] Need GM

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Dear players, we are pleased to inform you, open set in the server team.

Only 1 person will be needed, I will describe the requirements and the order of filling in the application below.

We make an application in this topic.


1.Filter chat (help players, blocking bad words).

2. Conduct events (once, twice a week events).


1. To have age from 20 years.

2. Knowledge of languages rus / eng.

3. Have good recommendations.

4. Knowledge of server settings to help beginners.


1. Age

2. Did you have the experience of being a gm? On which servers? Nick gm.

3. Links to all your game characters .

4. What guilds do you have?

5. At what level do you know languages (rus / eng).

6.Why exactly you.

7. Time online.

All candidates will be considered. The choice of the GM will be based on all the points that each affects our choice. You will be punished for the false information in the application. When the appropriate candidate is found, we will notify you and the topic will be closed!

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