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  1. Ok , this has to stop Calling me black gipsy and romanian gipsy for what?
  2. I just posted over the /post in Romanian if there are Romanians online that are looking for guild and then this happens : On a free translation : It means "Suck my dick" i appologies for the language in here. Now i wonder what exactly have i dont wrong to receive such an insult and why is this ok ?
  3. hey there , Is there a voting contest and if so what are the prizes ?
  4. ImgUrl Link ; https://imgur.com/gjFG6wN Player is asking for real money in exchange for FO items and wings . you can check below the print. I've read the rules and this is not tolerated .
  5. xpl0ziv


    Daca sunt romani online care vor guild Pm in game xpl0ziv sau TheDL
  6. I belive since is a golden event and a free to play server there's suppose to be a common rule that Killing/Pk in golden events is forbiden ( like any other normal server ) The following player killed me multiple times during Golden Event but today he has reached his patience limit Here are the prints :